Depends on your point of view:


The Media keeps repeating the line “The First Time a president has been criminally prosecuted”…… (And, making as if he is already guilty)….as if this court proceeding is any more legitimate or valid than the trial about his finances.


I see it another way: This is the first time (in the US) the opposition has used the courts and the Justice System in a Kangaroo Court to try and keep a candidate, (much less a president that was deposed by voter/election fraud) from being able to run or even campaign against their candidate: I.E “Lawfare”. It is an attempt to decide who can run for election to President. Will they hound the next opposition candidate in the same way? At what point will it become such that no one will bother to run against the “approved” candidate?

There is not a single person, not one, with two working neurons to rub together who cannot see what a farce this is. Many of the Left may not care, may feel that destroying Trump at all costs is worth the damage they are doing, but even the partisan left knows what this is: an end-run around the Constitution.

So does the rest of the country.