Birth of my nation

On this day on 1776 1775, the nation we now call the United States was born. Yes, I am talking about the battle to keep the powder and shot, where the colonists chose to defy the British Army and the orders of General Gage. Many heroes were made that day. While many consider the date of signing of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence to be the birthday of our country, I also consider today to be a part of that birth.

Of course, the evening before there were heroes as well…. we have all heard about “The Midnight Ride of Paul Revere”. (But don’t forget William Dawes and Samuel Prescott, both of whom also were a part of the warning that made it possible for the colonists to be ready for the British)  Prescott was likely responsible for more warnings than Revere and Dawes, but Revere got his story told


Either way, the colonists were warned and at both Lexington and Concord, the british were driven off.

Note that the first battles were over arms, without which the Colonists would not have been able to resist the British army. It always comes down to who can defend themselves from tyranny and who cannot. Who controls the weapons, be they swords, bow and arrow, or firearms. Who can wields more force. Freedom does not happen for long without the ability to defend it.


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