Thoughts on the “port” in Gaza

Apparently it is gonna be a temporary floating pier. Technology that has been in use for decades, so not that big of a challenge engineering-wise. The Navy (and the Corps of Engineers)knows how to build those, even under fire. The harder part is keeping it safe

The issues I see are several-fold. Who is gonna do security at the point where it touches the land in Gaza? Israel? Egypt? The “UN” (hah!)?

Secondly, who is gonna provide cover for those ships, be they US Navy or private cargo, while they are unloading? Hamas has a thing with pipe and fertilizer rockets that are, actually, somewhat accurate. A ship in port, half unloaded, is a big fat target, as it the floating pier itself. Whoever is providing security is gonna have to deal with the fact that Hamas likes to shoot those rockets from apartment building and hospital roofs and parking lots and such. What’s gonna happen when, in suppressing Hamas rocket fire, the defenders of the port…either the US warships, the Israeli army or the Egyptians, kill a bunch of “innocent” “palestinian civilians”?

Thirdly, who is gonna provide inspections. We all know that someone will try to smuggle more weapons and ammunition in those truckloads of “aid”  Do you really think that Hamas and their ilk will not try to use the “aid” shipments as a conduit? I mean, we all know how honorable these people are, right? Who is gonna check those ‘Aid” shipments?

And do you really think that at some point, a Hamas “fighter” isn’t gonna detonate a truck on the pier itself?  Unless you are gonna provide drivers (and trucks that you will never recover) from the ships to the land, there will have to be “locals” and local trucks or trailers moving on that pier….

What’s gonna happen when the American servicemen at the gate to the pier are forced to shoot to keep someone from Gaza away from that gate? Then what? Or a truck bomb goes off at the gate?

This scheme is fraught with danger…..gonna get American servicemen killed, one way or the other.

And then we will be in that “war:.

There is NOTHING in Gaza that is worth brining the US into that mess.


5 thoughts on “Thoughts on the “port” in Gaza

  1. “There is NOTHING in Gaza that is worth bringing the US into that mess.”

    True, but there’s a lot of votes in Michigan and among the progressive anti-Israel set that this is designed to fish for, all the issues you’ve correctly identified be damned.

    • Good; then send those “votes” over there to put their money where their mouths are…

  2. Too late , pedo joe is already shipping palestinians into our country. He won’t admit it , neither will the communists in congress , but they are here.

  3. Gaza already has a port. “Port of Gaza” more a marina. It was captured by Israel. Khan Yunis port was never completed. The new port is designed to bypass Israeli military control. The new port gift from the United States is designed to aid and abet Hamas.

  4. Ukraine has lost the wind, and A LOT of taxpayer dollars. My take is that this is a “plan B” SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED to draw us DIRECTLY into the Israel/Hamas conflict. As you said, militarily, this makes ZERO sense. It will be like shooting fish in a barrel; a “Gold Star” factory. Traitor Joe says there won’t be any “boots on the ground.” Really? Then how the hell is this thing going to be put together? How is it going to be defended? And newsflash, Traitor Joe, Having naval assets sitting in territorial waters off of Gaza IS “boots on the ground!”

    …Uncle Sam spent TWENTY YEARS setting our guys and gals up to be taken out. If he thinks doing this, just to kiss some Muslim ass, is going to win him points, his doctor should adjust his meds…

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