SOTU thoughts: live and uncensored

I think the delay before Biden entered the rotunda, and his VERY slow walk through the crowd was designed to make it so he has less time to kill in his speech It limited his exposure by a significant amount.


If all Ukraine wants is weapons to fight Russia, then why do they want (insist, actually) them as dollars? Why are they insisting that they come as “foreign aid” dollars that are unaccountable rather than actual hardware?

Lies about Jan 6th. He must think everyone is stupid. “you can’t love your country only when you win”….like all the Left was well behaved when it was Trump? Terrible double standards.

“Trust in our institutions”? Really? You all blew that 3 years ago.

Joe is losing it talking about the Pandemic and the vaccine….

Tell us again how great your economy is. Everyone but the Migrants are hurting. No one believes what you are saying. Not anyone who buys groceries or clothing or cars or pays rent.

Have you noticed how much Pete Buttigieg resembles Alfred E, Newman?

Yeah, does he really think that giving people mortgage funds for two years will make houses more affordable in the long term?

Yeah, Pell grants really made college more affordable.

Your reduction of student loan debt screwed those people who paid their loans. You only helped the Women’s studies and historical French literature (and basketweaving ) graduates who worked at Starbucks….

Please, define what percentage is a :”fair share”? How much is enough?

Lies, the “exploded deficit” was caused by increased spending. Funny how that works. Raising taxes is always offset by increased spending.

Tax the corporations yeah, that helps make for more jobs in the USA.

8.2% of a billion a year is a hell of a lot more than 20% of $50K a year.

You gonna bring back the retirement age to what they promised when I started payin’ into it? Back then it was full at 65.

Yeah, setting prices really worked in Venezuela, didn’t it?

You gonna cut those hidden taxes on Cell phones, cable bills etc? You complain about hidden fees.

You could cut the backlog by not allowing all those people into the US, and make ’em, stay in their home countries ….try closing the border.

What bullshit his logic is regarding the illegal immigrants. Oddly, Trump essentially closed the border, why won’t you?  Close the border instead of blaming others.

I’d really like to see anyone who is denied the right to vote. Especially a black person to whom the right to vote is denied. I think he’s full of shit.

Violent crime is down? Really? Where?

Kamala must have a spring in her seat, she pops up every other sentence.

Of course it is the Assault Weapons. And “High Capacity” magazines.. Yeah, that’s the problem. Not crime and criminals.

Hamas is hidden by the civilians (and the UN)…. the civilians help to hide and protect the Hama fighters and leadership. Admit that too, Mr. President.

Wow, he got out just in time. His stumbling over words and phrases was becoming worse nd worse.


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