Rise of Islamic extremism (again)?

So we had the 10-7 attack on Israel….and that, while it killed a bunch of Israelis, so far hasn’t worked out all that well for the “Palestinians” who supported, aided, and abetted the Hamas fighters was perhaps the opening move of the Islamic state…

Now we have a terrorist attack in Russia, who has a large muslim population and has similar issues with islamics who hate Caucasians…..non muslims. At last reports about a hundred forty dead at a concert in Moscow.

I’ll go 7:3 that it happens here in less than a year, what with the tens of thousands (or more) illegal Islamic invaders that have joined the mass migration across the Southern Border aided by Joe Biden’s policies…..

At some point there will be a reckoning. Either the islamic people will choose to live in peace or the rest of the world will choose to eradicate the threat. Israel is apparently at that point, and the Russians are not known for their mild response to religious fanatic driven terrorism.

If it happens here then, I think, the gloves will come off.

5 thoughts on “Rise of Islamic extremism (again)?

  1. If it happens here, plan on our own regime using it as an excuse to crack down on white nationalism or the like. the .gov is likely to be at least as great a problem

  2. Sure, there were Middle Eastern-looking guys who were perps behind attack outside of Moscow. In video “interviews” with extremely unhappy Russian security forces, perps said they were recruited via Telegram and got paid for the job.

    Who paid them? ISIS? CIA? Ukraine? MI-6?

    And, yes, we’ve had “tens of thousands (or more) illegal Islamic invaders.” But that’s nothing compared to tens of *millions* of illegal Hispanic invaders including organized criminal gangs preying on American citizens. Look for many more from Haiti real soon now.

    I’d rather have tens of thousands of illegal Islamic invaders than tens of millions of illegal Hispanic invaders. Thousands can capture a city council. Millions can capture entire states and change the culture. But much better to have no illegal invaders at all.

  3. The reckoning is near. Allowing millions of unvented people in this country will have disastrous effects when all is said and done. The cows out of the barn. We will be tested very soon.

  4. Islamists are savages but the ones running things aren’t total idiots.
    They are watching our own politicians destroy our country. I doubt
    they are going to get involved and screw that up as long as the demonrat
    left keeps trashing things.

  5. all part of the plan. this is how they will be rid of trump once and for all, and likely his family as well. why else did they allow that iranian terrorist to walk across the border to a waiting car/entourage? supposedly they don’t know where he is but yet they know he is recruiting cells to kill magaman. riiiiight…. i did not epstein myself.

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