Looks like “F Troop” did it again

Seems that a dawn raid at a home in Little Rock by the ATF may have gone sideways….

The Little Rock Airport executive was shot by ATF agents  when he apparently shot at the people breaking down his door early in the morning. One ATF agent was injured. Not many other details are available yet….Nor are they likely to ever be if the ATF is involved. No reason for the “no-knock” part either

Bryan Malinowski is not expected to survive his injuries.

Like many ATF raids, one has to wonder why they had to do it at 6 AM. If they were gonna arrest him, why not on his way to work, or at work, or on his way home?

A pre-dawn, no-knock raid would likely get the same response from me….the first man through the broken door would suffer severe lead poisoning….followed by a me getting the same.

But they’d know they’d been kissed. (I’d probably get two before they got me, so there’s that… Plus, when rushed/stressed, I fall back to my first training:  I am a “Mozambique” ^^ type of shooter, so body armor would be of limited use)

Is it in the ATF manual to do shit like this? Or is their institutional culture just ^one of perpetual stupidity. It could have gotten an agent killed as well as Mr. Malinowski….or one of his neighbors.

This is the second pre-dawn raid in the past two weeks…..this one went bad…..Looks like we are all gonna have to be on our toes again, like in the early 90’s when the ATF had a habit of screwing up, making a mess of a simple arrest or  search warrant (often with bad information) and then acting all cowboy until it went sideways and someone got hurt, then getting the US Marshalls involved and getting someone killed….when it didn’t have to be that way. Think Ruby Ridge and Waco for two high profile cases….but there were many more during that period. (Perhaps, they need Big Raids to show they need more funding….. They got their budget cut by 8% last time, so they need some more high profile raids to show they are still relevant…..) I think the agents involved, as well as the director, should explain why a no-knock raid was necessary Explain it to congress, I mean. . It isn’t like one can easily flush evidence of a gun crime down the sewers or something like that…..Much like David Koresh at Waco, this man was not hard to find nor would he have been hard to arrest away from home….peacefully. But I doubt that they wanted to do it easy and smoothly. The ATF seems to like flashy, loud early morning stuff for maximum theater….And they don’t seem to care who gets hurt in the process.


Watch your back, folks, a new generation of ATF fuckups seems to be emerging.



^^ (“2 to the chest, then one to the head …next target”)

8 thoughts on “Looks like “F Troop” did it again

  1. I think it was a hit and it will be covered up as OOP’S. Just my contribution to my tin hat brothers.

  2. its not like he could flush an ak47 down the toilet. atf just loves to do the cowboy games. but this guy was a bill and hillary associate, in charge of the airport. see where i’m going with this? they quickly peeled his safe and left w/ a few guns and boxes of documents. ever hear of the clinton cartel, the little rock mafia? be awful handy to have a guy in charge of the airport. maybe hil’ is tying up the loose ends for another run? ftr, i am not suicidal.

  3. As Trump is fond of pointing out, “If they can do this to me, they can do this to you.”

  4. An arrest at work or elsewhere would have been the simple logical method. They didn’t want a simple arrest. They wanted an execution. This was a message. A message that the criminals in power can murder anyone at anytime with complete impunity.

  5. Motion sensors outside, reinforce doors, hard armor a section of wall for cover, adjust lighting to highlight the doorway and help hide you, use something semi-auto in a major 7.62 loading, train face shots at 2-8 meters.

    They’ll still probably get you but dropping the first 4 through the door and the 2-3 on the porch might establish a negotiating position.

  6. They have to justify all the “SWAT” training and gear somehow. They had plenty of ways to handle the arrest that wouldn’t have involved a shoot-out.

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