Guess who?

There is one demographic that does this.


It ain’t the Amish.

Nor the Chinese.

Nor those whose ancestors were from Europe.

Nor from South America.


Guess who?


Ok, now look at the Photos. Are you surprised?

Shocking moment dozens of Las Vegas teens brawl outside casino during ‘Santa Fe Station Shutdown’ event

Of course, pointing this out is “racist”. But the truth is that there is one single group that causes the mayhem, And if they are not wanted, be it during spring break in Florida and Texas, or in public in general, then it must be because of discrimination….Discrimination, Right? Not behavior.

Unless, and until the media (and the leftist do-gooders) stops ignoring race and culture, and starts admitting the truth, this sort of shit will continue, and people will want to be where they are not.

Plus, of course, there’s this in properly integrated public schools.



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