Twas interesting:

“So, “B”…how do you react to General Anesthesia?”

“Not a clue”.

“How did you do last time you were under anesthesia?”

“Not sure, you’d have to ask my parents, that was like 50 years ago…when I had my tonsils out”

“You’ve never had an operation since? No medical procedures? No hospitalizations?”

“Nope, a few emergency room visits….stitches, broken bones, broken ribs, etc… under local, and few minor things in a doctors office,  but nope, haven’t been hospitalized for more than a few hours in 50 or so years…..and haven’t been under since my tonsils. ”

They were incredulous. Apparently most people just aren’t healthy and/or don’t just get numbed up, stitched up and go back to work…OR get lots of surgeries throughout their lives….I dunno

Thing is, being self-employed makes getting insurance difficult these past 25 years, and I haven’t needed much medical care anyway. Making too much money makes it very difficult (at any reasonable rate) to find decent cheap insurance (with a decent deductible) now that I’ve retired….And I’ve paid into the system for 40+ years and never used much in the way of benefits anyway, which sucks, but there it is…(Men essentially, for the most part, subsidize the women and children in our society insurance wise anyway, but I am even moreso than most as I generally didn’t even meet my yearly deductible and often paid for any work done much of the time ’cause paying cash was about half of my insurance cost…..)

4 thoughts on “Twas interesting:

  1. I went more than 30 years not seeing a doctor. I was never sick. Then I had my first eye surgeries. Under general anesthesia five times. Then I was under while they put a screw in my foot to hold the bones together. Then another eye surgery. It’s always something.

  2. THEY were extra careful in UKRAINE concerning this issue for me and the woman who was in charge decided to put me on local anesthesia–in order to be on the safe side

  3. The last time I was under was when I had a cyst removed from my neck when I was 16. I’m 63 now… ‘Same here; a few ER visits for stitches over the years. No broken bones. Everything else was doctor visits for minor stuff… Come to think of it, most of the minor stuff was “It’ll heal. Here’s some Motrin.” You know military healthcare over 21 years…

    Keep the following front and center in your head, and you’ll tend to do OK: “Everything you do now will be a bill coming due twenty years from now…”

  4. Insurance is by design set up to have those with assets subsidize those without. With a cut left over for the bean counters. That’s why you should never purchase
    insurance for anything you can afford to lose.

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