Really, officer, it’s “sawdust”.

Wow. This goes beyond credibility.

As proof, it is kinda sketchy. I admit Not really proof, but still….

But if you really believe that the photos found on Hunter Biden’s hard drive and iPhone were of carefully lined up “sawdust” along with photos of his paraphernalia, then you must really believe that Keebler Elves are the result of the Easter Bunny mating with Santa Claus

Hunter Biden‘s legal team have accused the Justice Department of an astonishing blunder in which investigators mistook sawdust for lines of cocaine during their investigation into the president’s son.    Attorney’s for Hunter claimed Special Counsel David Weiss made a mistake ‘straight out of a 1980s’ Police Academy film’  .It came after Weiss published photos from Hunter’s Iphone  and hard drive that the prosecutor said were proof he was using cocaine when he bought a gun.

. ‘Cause who doesn’t have photos of lines of sawdust on a mirror in their phone? AmIRite?

2 thoughts on “Really, officer, it’s “sawdust”.

  1. The criminals in power think the hoi polloi who are “beneath” them are stupid.
    Sadly, in many instances they are correct in that assumption. There will be plenty
    of idiots who will lbuy this ridiculous lie..

  2. The most consistent tale, retold countless times, from former residents behind the Iron Curtain, was that the lies told were so in-your-face obvious, to drive home the point that the State could tell you the most retarded whoppers it wanted, and there was f**k-all you could do about it, done deliberately and purely to beat dissenters into abject submission to the State’s omnipotence.

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