Of course there were no charges.

Biden classified documents case closed with no charges


Apparently when you are a democrat, intent and cooperation make the difference, as does “Difficulty of prosecution”.


Is there any way the DOJ could be more obviously partisan? I mean, we had the whitewash of the Clintons by James Comey, and now this double standard.

Of course, the Media is trying hard to run interference as they are trying to explain why Trump is facing charges for the exact same method of handling documents but Biden is being let off….


(BTW, notice that the press and the DOJ are referring to Joe Biden as “A confused old man with a poor memory”……if that is the case, and a reason to not prosecute, then why is he still President? (Look at the testimony….”Confused, unsure of dates, “limited cognition””….)


(After thinking about the above paragraph, I gotta think that that statement will be used to make Biden withdraw and then the Left will put someone (Mike Obama?) in his place on the ballot.)

4 thoughts on “Of course there were no charges.

  1. Too senile and demented to face charges. But NOT senile and demented enough to be removed from office. Says ALL that needs saying about he corrupt left..and their corrupt minions at the JustUs Department.d

  2. It’s a ploy. A gambit. They are seriously going to let him meander towards the Nov. elections. Sometime before then, he will “falter” and then Big Mike will be “forced” upon us.
    For “our” good don’t ya know.

  3. Hillary was let go with FBI explanation that she broke the law, but obviously meant no harm (didn’t mention self serving preservation) so why not let by gone be bygones and just let it go. Biden got the spa treatment too – this is of no surprise to the people paying attention.

    They don’t care who knows it. Not going to make any sideshow when it isn’t required.

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