Maybe a record (but probably not)

It is possible that today we will break a record for the warmest day on 2/27 with a high of 76 degrees there in the Chicago area. That seems really high. But is it?

The previous year that that “record” happened? 1976. So this may be a “warmest day”…in 48 years. The previous high? 1880. There were a bunch in the 1880’s and the 1930’s all above 75 though,..Lots of “Record Temps” well in excess of 30+  degrees above the “average” all across the country (especially the midwest and northeast) 100 or more years in the past,… it can’t be that pesky overpopulation/CO2/Cattle production/Industry/Refrigerants/etc causing it. must be something else…. Look it up, don’t believe me.

In other words, this warm February isn’t really a big deal, nor all that unusual either. But that’s not what they are telling you, is it?


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