Apparently NATO thinks Donnie night get elected…

‘Cause they are all, apparently scrambling to get their act in order and find that 2% GDP spending on defense that is mandated to be a part of NATO….

(Of course, spending that for defense doesn’t mean that they actually have to have, you know an army…they just currently have to spend it on “Defense”…..I foresee a LOT of graft happening in places like Germany and France and other European countries….Inflated prices, monies spent on Training Classes” etc…Probably less than suggested on things like actual working hardware and the folks that operate and maintain them…..but we shall see…..Lots of room for graft)

I think the best line, however is this: “Stoltenberg said any suggestions that allies won’t defend each other ‘undermines all of our security’ and puts US and European soldiers at greater risk.” 

Yet, when places like Germany can’t even field a single squadron of fighters, or a platoon of tanks…and therefore CAN’T defend anyone, not even themselves., aren’t they also undermining the security and putting all soldiers at risk? 


Germany, especially, has no excuse. The monies brought into their economy by the US bases MORE than covers the 2% defense contribution.


Lets face it….the whole NATO idea lets western Europe hide behind the skirts of the USA…but if they won’t even pretend to do their part, why should the US bother?

3 thoughts on “Apparently NATO thinks Donnie night get elected…

  1. The hyperbolic, “Trump is an existential threat” reaction I saw from the slackers suggested that they had no intention of getting to 2% in the near future.

  2. We should have gotten out of NATO when the USSR collapsed. Defending Europe while they routinely stab is in the back is insanity.

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