4 thoughts on “Getting rid of the trash.

  1. Well…..hm….how to break this to ya…..
    Well, it all depends on the area that you pick to live in. Anywhere near Austin; within 30-40 miles of that place; is tainted. Tainted with leftist ideologies. Yeap, that’s correct. The “scent” of liberalism wafts strong from that enclave.
    Also, if you don’t have a “good” job/career/education (degree); you will be working restaurant or retail jobs.
    If you do have a “good” job/career/education (degree) then I would suggest you move to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area or even Houston (if you don’t mind humidity).
    Also, imagine a triangle from the DFW/FW area to San Antonio and then off to Houston and then back to DFW/FW. That area encompasses the majority of population and good jobs.
    Oh and expect a certain “attitude” from native Texans. They really, really don’t like “interlopers”. And expect a certain bone-headed determination that is unsurpassed by a team of mules.
    After 10 years of living near the “Great Place”; I have every right to point out Texan foibles. HEH

  2. It’s Texas. Generally friendly to use of force against criminals. It was also the Houston area, run by leftists. The guy was fortunate.

  3. I hereby propose legislation that Shooter shall receive free tacos in any and all taquerias in the Great State of Texas.
    Betting that he eats free at that particular taco joint already but would like to see that go statewide.
    Give that man a medal

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