A liberal supporter realizes the truth:

Jamie Dimon (CEO of JPMorgan-Chase and a BIG liberal supporter) , admits that Trump was Right:

“‘If you look at, just take a step back, be honest. He’s [Trump] kind of right about NATO. Kind of right about immigration. He grew the economy quite well. Tax reform worked. He was right about some with China,’ said Dimon.”

Sadly, most Democrats, (just like most women) would rather live in a fantasy-land, and never face the truth…rather live in a land of Feels and wishes and no consequences…… Which is how we got Barry Obama from Indonesia and Joe Biden as leaders….(along with a bunch of cheating during the election process)…

Of course, the Democrats have done their damage to the US now, and it’ll take years, if not decades, to undo and/or heal it….


But it is still interesting to see a liberal supporter like Mr Dimon to admit something like this.

(normally, with liberals, it’s more like this….)….Courtesy of Midwest Chick

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