You can’t tell me Mexico isn’t helping this

Dramatic footage shows thousands of migrants lining the train tracks in Mexico three hours from the southern border, hoping to catch a ride to the US line.

The Mexican authorities HAVE to be complicit in this invasion. There is no way that all these people can move across the country of Mexico without having stops for food and hygiene. Without having some sort of transportation.

Shut that off and the flow stops.


But they are allowing it, if not aiding it.


I guess the money Soros is reportedly spreading around is enough to buy a lot of Mexican Government Officials (an, apparently, lots of Us officials too)

5 thoughts on “You can’t tell me Mexico isn’t helping this

  1. Shut off the freebies and it all stops too. Yeah, makes too much sense.

  2. The Mexican government is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Cartels. They do what the narco Lord’s tell them to do or else….Plata o plomo is a very real thing.

    • ^That, right there.
      Every cop within 500 miles of the border is on the cartel take.

      You can always tell the honest cops in Mexico; they’re the ones with their heads found in a duffel bag miles away from their body hung from an overpass.

      All the rest are crooks. And even if they weren’t, they’d help the migras get here, just to screw us out of spite for los pinche gringos norteamericanos.

      Been that way for decades.

      The border wall should look like the Great Wall Of China, except with no gates for anything, in either direction, and continuously-manned minigun towers pointed south every 1000 yards.

      Until it is, this only gets worse until it explodes.

  3. Well, the cartels are paying them enough… and they control the government anyway…

  4. Were it to be acknowledged that the illegal immigration thing is a national security issue, precision bombing of railroad tracks and roads would be a resonable response: “nothing on wheels moves within 100 kilometers of the border” wouldn’t stop the the illegal infantry but tey would have to work for it.

    Anon 2

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