The issue is that there is any discussion about Aid for Ukraine at all

GOP senator says Republicans won’t budge on Ukraine without border action


Of course, they will fold on the border…as they have so often in the past. It is what the GOP does, really.

But the issue of any further aid to Ukraine should be off the table entirely. None, zero, nada. No more aid. They have spent all the money we gave them… ways that are, apparently, unaccountable. No one really knows where the money went. They are, at best, an ally of the US……maybe. The trickle of aid from other countries, tokens at best, show what the rest of Europe thinks of their plight.  The fact that Ukraine blew through over a  a Hundred Billion Dollars in less than a year tells me that the money isn’t going to fight the war, at least not most of it.

Is it going to the pockets of other people? I suspect so, but have no idea, really.

But now they want more, Biden and Zelensky are asking for another 61 Billion dollars. For what? Where will this money go? Who will receive the money and what will it buy (besides a few senators and their families, perhaps? )


I agree with the idea of Not one DIme for Ukraine until the border is secured and the invasion via the South is stopped….. as a lever….but start at Not one Thin Dime for Ukraine at all. Not another cent for them until the monies already given are accounted for….and then still no more money. Stop ALL foreign aid until the border is secure….including aid to Israel. Let THAT be the lever for border security for the US….BUt NO MORE AID TO UKRAINE.

3 thoughts on “The issue is that there is any discussion about Aid for Ukraine at all

  1. Yesterday pedo joe said that “he” was going to give ukraine a couple of hundred million dollars . Why is congress allowing pedo joe to strip money authorized to the pentagon for our protection , and giving it to the money laundering capital of the world? Congress fought like the third monkey on noah’s ark gang plank when it started to rain when Trump used some military money for “border protection” . Trump wanted 5 billion for border protection , pedo joe gives zelenski 100+ billion dollars. No accountability on where it was spent , except when you read about zelenski ‘s yachts and his multiple mansions around the world.

  2. HEY!!!… GOP!!!!… How about “SCREW Ukraine altogether and secure OUR border!!!

    The GOP… “We never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity…”

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