If “Disseminating Disinformation” is worth a $900 million settlement, do we get to sue Fauci, Pfizer and the Mainstream Media for telling us over and over the lie that the Covid Shot would protect us from getting covid and that it was perfectly safe?

Or is it only politically incorrect statements that are punished…Like that of Alex Jones and Rudy Giuliani?

Since Fauci and Pfizer and the MSM did it for a longer time over a wider population, do we get to increase the penalty…by, say, a factor of 100?

I mean, “equal protection under the law” and all that, right?


ETA 10Am CT: Can Trump sue Letitia James and (biased) Judge Engoron in their current attack on Trump? They are obviously lying about the real valuation of Mar-A Lago in an attempt to indict him to keep him off the ballot in 2024. Their claims sure sound as close to slander as the claims are against Giuliani and Jones…



3 thoughts on “Question:

  1. The left has proven REPEATEDLY that the rules simply DO NOT apply to them. They can sue and win for frivolous bullshit. But they are totally immune to any and all legal actions, both civil and criminal, intended to hold them accountable. THAT is reality.

  2. Like the former Soviet Union, the point isn’t the lies and double standards, as much as it’s the in-your-face obviousness of them designed to send the message, “Yes, of course we’re lying to you and running a double standard, and we don’t care if you know it! Your opinion doesn’t serve the State’s narrative, and is thus discountable.

    It’s a deliberate punch in the face, daring you to say 2+2=4.

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