Erasing more history

Not happy with all the publicly owned “Confederate” statues and memorials being erased in cities and towns across the country, now they have to destroy memorial statues in federal cemeteries as well.


I have to ask, (and I include myself here) At what point will we stand up and say “enough”?  When will we say “stop”?


How much attempted erasure of history can we stomach? Will we countenance?


8 thoughts on “Erasing more history

  1. This destruction of monuments to history serves two purposes. First, he who controls the present controls the past. He who controls the past controls the future. The left is rearranging history to serve their agenda of conquest and control.

    Second, this open and ongoing destruction of monuments is a giant middle finger to ALL of us. It’s the commie left saying “see, we can do ANYTHING we wish and there isn’t a damn thing you can do to stop us”. It’s a blatant, overt display of raw political power. Nothing less.

  2. Honestly, I do not understand why patriots in those areas do not stand defiantly to prevent (mostly peaceful protest, ha!) removal. I have been thinking of traveling (from the SW) to those sites myself.

    Them trespassers of history deem to themselves a speculative legal authority. Not lawful, violation of Congressional Act. Certainly not moral nor ethical.

  3. i could not stand it when it started and knew it would not stop at the great confederate generals. the left hated America from the beginning

  4. These people won’t listen to “STOP.”

    …Maybe it’s time for “BANG!!!”

    • At this rate by the time “the reckoning” arrives there won’t be a damn thing left of the country.

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