So who pays the bills for the “Palestinians”?

They have, essentially, no economy. They have little arable land, and their water supplies are almost all (except for that which is supplied by Israel) contaminated with salt and (mostly) sewage….They can barely (OR NOT) grow enough food to feed their people….

So who pays the bills? Water, energy, food, etc? Where does the money for this come from? Who pays for the people, the infrastructure (what is left)? It certainly isn’t from exports or industry….Someone is paying….It isn’t Israel, it isn’t Jordan, It isn’t Syria and it isn’t Egypt. None of those countries, not even the majority Muslim ones, wants the “Palestinians” as refugees, and they aren’t giving money to feed, or house the folks in Gaza..


So who is?

4 thoughts on “So who pays the bills for the “Palestinians”?

  1. A very interesting question. It’s all fine and dandy to follow the money, but one has to find the money first…It seems to be extremely well hidden.

  2. israel does provide substantial support for them. the iranians another large chunk and the u.n. yet more. obama and clinton global initiative pumped billions of laundered dollars into hamas via the palestinian authority. the arabs all pitch in a few bucks to keep them in gaza/wb and not invading them. i find it odd that these muslim states are all in on helping hamas and yet turn their backs on the palestinian people, even as the koran demand they help their fellow muslim unconditionally.

  3. When Israel pulled out of gaza , they left green houses , water systems , sewage treatment plants . Hamas destroyed it all.

  4. A lot of leftist poop-heads in the US of A have been donating money for a long time. Gaza also gets money from the UN (which, duh, is usually American money) and money from the US government directly and indirectly through Syria and Iran.

    Lots and lots of money.

    Like makes Ukraine look small for corrupt transfers of cash.

    You think the billion dollars per hostage money paid to Iran actually went to the Iranian people? Bwahahahahahahhhaaaa. Snort.

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