Iffin ya fold the tinfoil Juuust Right……

(shiny side out, of course, and never have more than 2  90 degree angles intersect at the folds…….) when you make that hat…

Then you might be able to follow this chain of logic and see where this is going.

Maybe. If you are off your meds and are not particularly well connected to reality from the get-go.

It is amazing what some people can construct with a grain of truth and a a bit of imagination and a dash of psychosis added to a pinch of paranoia…


3 thoughts on “Iffin ya fold the tinfoil Juuust Right……

  1. I’m so sick and tired of folks double thinking, triple back flipping looking through 4 dimensions trying to come up with “the truth”.
    As they see it and “damn you if you don’t believe my well crafted universe”!!!!!
    Almost as delusional as a Democrat with intense TDS.
    Sorry, I know I’m about to be bitch slapped for even suggesting this, but it has to be said.
    Sometimes evil is just evil. And evil will eventually be brought to light. The amount of time spent on these theories ain’t worth it.
    No, I don’t mean that something doesn’t need to be done. But if all y’all do is burn your energy with all of this postulating; you really haven’t helped humanity.
    So take a deep breath, center yourself and come up with a plan. Don’t let the doomsday prophets hinder you in your life.

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