I expect that the outrage will….

Go nowhere.


One would think that all the soccer moms and the crazy divorced Cat ladies and the Leftist College students would all create an outcry about the devastation of the habitat of these “indigenous peoples” that are losing to the loggers in Indonesia.

This is the moment tribespeople threaten workers on their territory in an Indonesian rainforest before running away when a bulldozer driver revs at them. The video, the contents of which have been described as evidence of a ‘human rights catastrophe unfolding’, shows two men from the Hongana Manyawa, a tribe in Halmahera, who live far from outsiders.

Make no mistake, I too think it is a tragedy….and if there was a way to donate to purchase the land that they are living on to ensure that they have a reservation in which to live peacefully, I’d donate (assuming it wasn’t a scam or that the organizer wouldn’t rake-off 97% A-La the Clintons and their “Foundation”).


But there will maybe be a bunch of tik-tok and Twitter X posts and then these poor folks will be overrun as people forget to care in a day or a week.



2 thoughts on “I expect that the outrage will….

  1. Welp, there is active resistance to the Jihad Muslim colonial oppression on the part of illegally occupied West Papua (New Guniea). But of course, the Melanasians are subservient to the Al Islam, because Respect for Third World Cultures (TM) and what not.

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