Awesome: Citizenry in action

So the government of Green Charter Township backed a Chinese backed EV Battery plant that wanted to open there. It would have meant about 2500 jobs.

The citizens? Not so much. 3200 or so citizens were against it.

But the Township Board members chose to push the plant.

The township citizens voted them out…all 5 of them. 

We need more of this. All across the country. Local,County, State and especially Federal government.


4 thoughts on “Awesome: Citizenry in action

  1. The lefts ability to select who wins an election has not reached the very local levels….yet.

  2. Apparently the Loudoun Co schoolboard found out the same thing… LOL

  3. Not so fast.

    The Michigan State Legislature (Democrat majority) pass legislation that takes “energy siting” local control and places it at the state, bureaucratic level. Most reports specifically identify solar and wind power sites BUT the timing is very odd when you look at the things happening at the battery plant. I would not be surprised if the language was stretchy enough to be interpreted as covering the battery plant…

    so Chinesium money can keep flowing into politician’s pockets at the state level.

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