The Jews have forgotten

That the rest of the Middle East wants them dead.

There’s the attack by Hamas in Israel itself, and then there’s things like this:

Egypt: police officer shoots dead two Israeli tourists and Egyptian guide

Make no mistake: If a police officer is willing to do this openly, then the rest of the population is as well. While the cop may have been a radical, the sentiment is festering just below the surface. The fact that Jews are doing tourist things in a hostile country is telling of their failure to appreciate the threat.

Apparently the People of Israel have forgotten that they have enemies all around them, and that these people hate them because they are jews. Why else would you hold a music festival a mile from a hostile border without a major armed presence?? The Military  and police were apparently napping that day, and apparently the intelligence services have been for weeks or months. (how do conceal such a large operation?)

This is being referred to as the “Israeli 9-11.”..and it is, but only as an example of the intelligence failure compounded by the complacency which allowed it to happen….Just like in the US 9-11.


2 thoughts on “The Jews have forgotten

  1. I honestly didn’t realize how much of a gun control country that Israel is (was) until I read about them fast tracking private ownership applications. I figured they would be more like Switzerland where everyone has rifles at least.

  2. Humans in general suffer from having a short memory. Jews are no exception. Why else does Israel have extremely onerous gun control laws and vast numbers of Jews in America support the lefts gun control agenda. We are a clever species. NOT an intelligent one.

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