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Moment YouTube prankster Tanner Cook’s stunt goes badly wrong when shopper he is targeting pulls out a gun and shoots him in the chest

Dude kept hassling the guy, even after multiple attempts at de-escalation and deflection….

ETAL Video can be seen here. (sometimes it shows on the Daily Mail link and sometimes not)

At what point is it ok to defend yourself?  I mean,  Tanner Cook is like 6’5″ and he kept getting in Mr. Cole’s face…I’d certainly think at some point that he was a threat….. at some point you gotta think the person up in your face is mental and threat to your safety since he won’t back off and keeps saying weird and irrelevant shit….. (I don’t think I’d have let him get that close, especially not the second time) … The law states “Imminent Danger of Bodily Harm” . Having a 6’5 guy get into your face in a threatening manner for no apparent reason, multiple times, would qualify for that in my opinion.

So far, it looks like Mr. Cole is gonna get a slap on the wrist, if anything. He should sue Cook for all of his legal and other costs as well as hefty punitive damages for causing this as part of a You Tube stunt to make money.


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  1. Filing suit to recover damages and defense costs should be the default setting.

    You’ll know it is when you see the lawyers’ ads for it on TV.

    Anon 2

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