Have ya noticed that the Ukrainian Flag is suddenly gone from a lot of shit?

Almost like they are old news. Now no one is pushing us to “Support Ukraine”. One would think that if they really meant it as more than just a bit of virtue signaling that it’d still be out there.

But it ain’t. So take it for what that is worth. Just a Fad, they didn’t really mean it or anything. Like Fashion, it’s gone when something new comes along.

3 thoughts on “Odd

  1. Yup, kind of curious to see if the “Ukraine” thing will now fade away completely.
    I suspect that the current terrorist movement will stay for a while as the Deep State needs storm troopers to cause chaos to steal another election

  2. The pedo joe still wants to give them 50- 60 billion . He needs another multi million dollar house. And the communists in congress will give it to him.

  3. It is also worth noting that many noozcritters have been bloviating from Israel, while the same nooz coverage for the last year or whatever from Ukraine has been minimal regarding people on the ground. Interesting, that.

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