It is interesting to see

How once the “Sanctuary Cities (and states, in some cases) get a feel for the cost, damages, and just plain disturbances that these unregulated, illegal alien invasion cause…the fact that few have any skills, ability to find a job, are often single males rather than families…..the disruption they bring to a community when large numbers are dumped into that community with no plan to help them assimilate (if they wish to) is significant.


And now these “sanctuary cities” are finding that they really don’t want that disruption, that cost, nor the other issues.


New York (state)    (plus this too)

(Notice the call to limit the border crossers…which requires securing and closing the border first….which Biden won’t do…..and, of course, shutting down the migrant corridor paid for by (among other entities) Soros and the US state department, that supports and facilitates the travel of these thousands of illegal border crossers from south and central America)

And the citizens of Chicago, especially the poor and middle class folks , both black and hispanic, are questioning why these migrants are getting a whole bunch of money spent on them when they and their communities have been denied funding for many projects for years….why parks and other facilities meant for their use are being taken away from them and given to the illegal invaders. How the community is being displaced for the illegals. Senior centers, veterans centers, etc, all sacrificed to the illegals.

Lots of anger. Progressives are gonna take a major hit in these places as their policies come home to roost.

It is funny how open borders were a great idea when they only affected Arizona, Texas, and New Mexico (and, of course California, but they really never have counted)…but now that they are affecting the more northern and progressive blue cities and states it becomes an issue….

3 thoughts on “It is interesting to see

  1. It was Really easy for New York to declare themselves an all welcoming and loving place, being so far from the border. They thought they could fly their flag of Virtue with no fear of having to actually Do anything. As much as I enjoy seeing them shipped up there, I would much prefer the BORDER BE CLOSED.
    Funny,innit, how freedom was so readily squashed, travel limited, stores closed, jobs lost, unless you took The Jabs.. But They pour across the border and They not only don’t have to take The Jabs,, they can bring scabies and TB and who knows what else? And the same people who were excited about seeing good people get fired and the left wanted to see the Purebloods locked up, but they have no problem with the Unjabbed invasion.

  2. Democrats are going to keep voting for Democrats. They can’t imagine “not” voting for a Democrat- much less one of those evil, racist Rethuhlicans.

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