That’s the way you do it.

So SumDude decided he needed the contents of the cash register more than the proprietor did..

He arms himself with a box cutter and announces the robbery.

Customer decided this is not gonna happen. Pulls his gat and takes 7 shots to protect the clerk from bodily harm.

He pulls his firearm and just as calm as hell takes aim and fires. First shot misses, but the other six hit SumDude. Note that he never let go of the 6 pack of bottles while shooting. (ETA: And it wasn’t Bud Light)

Ne then goes to his car for another magazine and holds Mr. SumDude until the cops get there. SumDude did not attain room temperature.

6 for seven under stress with one hand. And he never dropped the bottles. Pretty nice.

Obviously a small caliber handgun, but it still did the job.

First rule of gunfights: Have a gun. Second rule: Be able to use it.

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