My question is: why they are still alive?

9-11 suspects could avoid death penalty

Thing is, if there is enough evidence that they have been held for12 years, then why haven’t they been tried and put to death already?

They should have been given a fair trial already and put to death under islamic law….maybe by stoning or beheading.

2 thoughts on “My question is: why they are still alive?

  1. Why are they still alive?

    Data mining i.e. sodium pentothal or something similar.

    The smart money would be to install air-tags in them and release them to the wild. Two things might happen. They might home back into their command structure and that location would be great information. Or their management would terminate them for us, also a win.

  2. Next year on 9/11 get pay-per-view and a big arena. The big day take 1 or 2 out to the field filled with rock piles. A volunteer good with a sword. Lay them flat, draw a line down their middle and from one side to the other. Put a rock all along the incisions and attach a Clydesdale at all 4 corners and pull. If drawn & quartering was good enough for the middle ages I’m all for reviving the practice for these scum of the earth.
    Never let it be said that women aren’t bloodthirsty.
    This could be a world wide event.

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