I have been informed

That pointing out the race of the rioters in blue cities like Chicago and New York is Racist. Because I am white and therefore cannot comment on the behaviors of other races.

Fuck you.

I can comment whatever I want. (see, it’s my blog, I pay for the website, I am the editor.)..If pointing out that animal-like behavior of some groups of inner city people makes you uncomfortable, too bad. If pointing out that other racial groups don’t act like animals in similar situations makes you angry, then that too is just too fuckin’ bad.

There is a reason that Africa is like it is. It isn’t anyone else’s fault but the Africans. Deal with that.

Feel free to find another blog to read if truths hurt you.

7 thoughts on “I have been informed

  1. Just tell the butt-hurt fuckweasels to “Give us ONE example of a black-dominated city/state/country that isn’t a violent, filthy shithole. We won’t be holding our collective breath for an answer.”

    PS: Former island colonies that remain members of a commonwealth don’t count. They still have the threat of being re-colonized, by force, if necessary, if they go Afreakunt Apin’.

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