Greatest line I think I ever heard

At a grocery store:

Kid gets pushed aside by a Punk. Punk says “Watch it kid”

Kid’s dad takes offence at this.

Punk says “You think I’m  ‘sposed to be afraid of you?” (while getting close to Dad in a most threatening manner) “You wanna go?”

Dad (unfazed) says “Nope, but if you don’t apologize to my son, it’s gonna be bad.”

Punk says “You gonna call the cops? You think I afraid of goin’ to jail, man?”

Dad says, “Nope, you’re afraid for what they are gonna take ME to jail for”. (While getting really far into the punk’s personal space)

Pregnant pause.

Punk swallows…backs up. Looks at the kid. Says “Sorry” ….nods to Dad, and walks, (carefully) away. Didn’t run, but didn’t take his time, either.

‘Twas awesome to witness.


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  1. When “The law” won’t do its job, it’s up to WE, THE PEOPLE to BE The Law!

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