So it’s been a week….

and since they haven’t said yet who put the Cocaine in the White House….


I have to assume that it is either Hunter’s, or one of Joe’s close advisors. Since they haven’t yet blamed anyone else, we must assume that it belonged to someone close to Joe that he and his administration really don’t want us to know.

Either that, or we must assume that the Secret Service is totally incompetent as a reason why they are unable to find partial fingerprints and cannot use surveillance footage to find the culprits…Or that they are deliberately not telling us that they know who it is while the damage control folks brainstorm a way to make it go away. (Or they are hoping that they can just wait it out and people will forget).


6 thoughts on “So it’s been a week….

  1. The Biteme “administration” has run out of smokescreens to hide its deeds, so it’s resorted to snowstorms. Chances are, that coke doesn’t even exist!!!

  2. shocked it got this far. the ss is still honest, they know, but they ain’t telling which means it incriminates the potus/hunter.

  3. Funny how that is, eh? hey likely are waiting for the next shiny object to distract the public and the press from this latest White House scandal.

  4. I’m a bit puzzled why an obvious theory is not bandied about. That is that since Hunter has 24/7 Secret Service protection he has a hard time meeting his contacts for recreational chemicals. The “found” material was simply left for him by someone that TPTB don’t want us to know about.

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