So it’s a record because the previous record was bogus

Death Valley is hot (Really Hot) in the summer. Strange. Who would have thought?


So today, Friday July 13th 14th the area around Death Valley will likely hit 131 F.

Not a terribly surprising event, really. Hotter than “normal” but not by much.

Of course, it isn’t a real record heat either. The record is 134…back in 1913.

Since the Climate Change/Global Warming folks need to tell us (yet again) how mankind is destroying the planet and we need to stop burning fossil fuels and buy Solar panels and windmills because (reasons) (that, oddly, often enrich those who tell us that), they need to keep the Climate Change catastrophe fears going.

So they tell us that today is gonna be a record at 131F….because the OLD record of 134f from 1913 must be a bogus reading. Because they have said so.

Even if it is off by a degree or two……so what? Death Valley has historically been hot in the summer. 130F is not unprecedented. They call it Death Valley for a reason.

But if we can’t trust the readings from long ago, then is the entire temperature record not suspect? Do we really know if the planet has actually warmed by 1 degree in the past hundred plus years? If we can’t trust historical data (we know we can’t trust the data for the past 40 years because that data has been …manipulated) then what records CAN we use for the determination?


I (yet again) cannot help but think that someone is lying to us.


We have always been at war with EastAsia.

5 thoughts on “So it’s a record because the previous record was bogus

  1. …It’s Friday the 14th… That being said, I saw someone bellyaching that temps in Arizona and “parts of California” were going to hit “triple digits” this week. ‘Said it was a sign of the Apocalypse… That’s not “climate change…” …It’s not the Apocalypse either… That’s SUMMER in ARIZONA and PARTS OF CALIFORNIA!!!

  2. rode my scooter out to pheonix in ’03. my boots stuck to the asphalt. it was 104, in early MAY. when i hear “record” or ” unprecedented” i know bs follows.

  3. Stop making sense, you’re supposed to be agreeing… 😉

  4. It’s HOT! It was 104 degrees here today, I too sick to death with asshole liberal, progressive grifters…

    • We may be in the same neighborhood. Same temp yesterday here as well! Supposed to be 106* here at Rancho Whybother today…

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