I got wood.

Firewood, that is.


Split about a cord today before it got too hot. . The handmade 40+y ear old woodsplitter just Keeps on Keepin’ On. It’s 0n it’s 4th (used) engine but other than hoses it’s never needed anything else. I did have to put a new (Amazon/Chinese) carburetor on this engine as the old one had too many issues and a rebuild kit was more than the new carb, but hey….

Now I gotta let it sit and dry for a week or so and then toss it in the basement for stacking and cut some more rounds to split. I need one more cord, more or less, for this winter. .

3 thoughts on “I got wood.

  1. Wood is a construct of the white male patriarchy.
    All your wood burning stoves are belong to us.
    Si se puede!

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