Case Closed

So the Secret Service has closed the case on Hunter Biden’s cocaine found in the white house:

They couldn’t have even had the time to check all of the surveillance footage before making the decision to do so.  Strangely, they couldn’t find any fingerprints, nor could they narrow the list of suspects to less than 500 or so…

I have one comment:

How many people must be in on the cover up?

Add in the press that won’t ask the hard questions and the number comes to thousands.

And the rest of us let ’em get away with it ’cause we don’t know how to stop it.



2 thoughts on “Case Closed

  1. i go back to my original question: who cares? it’s just a little snort of coke. call me when it’s a kilo. why waste resources on it? show me where joe hid his bribe money. that would be worth investigating i think.

  2. Traitor Joe and Hunter are up to their necks in grift, and evidence is seeping out of every orifice. <> cocaine is found in the White House. The media goes “SQUIRREL!!!”

    So endeth the trick…

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