If the races were reversed….

Of course, no mention of race in the article….this was “Just a senseless act of violence”…


But two white clerks at a 7-11 in Mesquite, Texas were assaulted by a bunch of black kids. For not selling a cigar to an underage woman. 

Now yes, this was indeed a senseless act of violence. But what if the races were reversed? The news coverage would have had headlines like: Group of White kids attack Black clerks. And it would investigated as a Hate Crime.

The hiding of race on the one hand and the sensationalizing of race on the other hand is significant.


In other news, they let the photos out of the two killed by a gunman at the Graduation in Virginia….neither the shooter nor his victims were Amish….


3 thoughts on “If the races were reversed….

  1. Wrong. NOT senseless. These acts of violence are intended to show whites that ground apes are allowed to commit violence against them and do so with impunity. It’s all part of the lefts AnarchoTyranny plans.

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