Discrimination is discrimination

No matter WHAT color your skin is.

When one is discriminated against it doesn’t matter which side of the “APPROVED” list you are on. Discrimination is still discrimination, even if you are deemed privileged.

White Starbucks manager who ran Philly store where two black men were refused access to bathroom – sparking protests – is awarded $25M as jury finds she was fired because of her race

Of course, the whole incident (and Starbucks) was a setup to make sure that the DNC types could stir up the black people to make sure they voted….Gotta stir up that “discrimination anger” you know….

An interesting point, never stated in most of the media, was that the Starbucks employee who first called the cops was black…..

Ns Phillips was the sacrificial white person fired to appease the black (and Woke) Mob…What Starbucks SHOULD have done, instead of folding, was to have stood fast and made sure the facts were brought out. But they chickened out, and now it is costing them even more….

3 thoughts on “Discrimination is discrimination

  1. $25 million? Petty cash to Starbucks. When “woke” costs them a billion or more then they might start caring.

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