8.3 MILLION dollars in Tax Fraud

Yet Hunter gets a plea agreement for a misdemeanor.

8.3 MILLION dollars in income that he did not claim. What would happen if you or I had done so?

Let’s not even bother to discuss the dismissed charge of lying on a 4473 Firearms form.


Plus there is this:  “DOJ sought to ‘delay the investigation long enough to reach the statute of limitations’ and ‘divulged sensitive actions by the investigative team to Biden’s attorneys.” 

The shit just gets deeper and deeper in this case, doesn’t it?




2 thoughts on “8.3 MILLION dollars in Tax Fraud

  1. Have they shown the actual deal for Hunter?
    Wouldn’t be surprised if it reads: “…agrees to plead guilty to all tax liability issues 2000-2020….” so it covers the newly discovered gross bribe/tax fraud.

  2. At the behest of the White House.

    These are impeachable crimes – or rather, they would be, if we didn’t already live in Chiquitastan.

    I don’t know what’s keeping people’s lids on, but when it blows, it will be Krakatoan.

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