Well. yeah, but besides that

Seems that the NAACP has been caught out…yet again.

This time it’s because they are trying to damage DeSantis….because he opposes Critical Race Theory being taught in Florida schools. and, of course, because he isn’t a Democrat.

But they don’t even follow their own recommendations.

They’ve advised their members to boycott Florida because of the “racism”….and “It’s Hostile”.  Except that they don’t seem to feel that it bothers them. Vacations and junkets to….Florida.

Their Chairman lives in Tampa. He’s originally from Virginia.

Funny how the politics get trumped by their desire to party and live in a state that has much to offer. Even funnier that the Republicans (both black and white) have “Offered to help with moving expenses: “If you think our state is so bad, the Florida GOP will gladly help with moving expenses”.

Once again, the NAACP shows that it is no longer for the Advancement of Colored Person, but simply a tool of the DNC, helping the DNC use black people to further the DNC’s power.




4 thoughts on “Well. yeah, but besides that

  1. How ironic…a concept totally beyond most leftists…. the head of the NAACP lives in Tampa.

  2. we don’t want him back either. maybe he’d like a flight to africa?

  3. Ditto for League of Women Voters. Growing up they were fiercely non partisan(or claimed to be). Now, it’s just a propaganda machine for the DNC

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