“We welcome migrants.

And we don’t want ’em in the good neighborhoods, so we will put ’em on the South Side. Where they won’t bother us wealthy people”

South Side folks:

Oh Hell No, we don’t want the crime, the drugs, or the lowered property values. ”

Seems that the Black people on the South Side of Chicago don’t want those dirty Undocumented Migrants any more than the wealthy white people do….


(Funny, I bet that the mostly white people living in the South Side of Chicago 50 years ago said the same thing about crime and drugs and property values when they began moving Black people into their neighborhoods)


One thought on ““We welcome migrants.

  1. The CPUSA is just taking what they did to Chicago nationwide.
    People should pay attention when there is talk of transformations and resets while assuming that the speaker means it.
    Meanwhile one set of victims on the totem pole is moving up while another moves down on the CPUSA planation.

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