More than hot dogs and burgers

More than just an extra day off

More than a parade and a get together.

Today is a remembrance. A day to honor those who gave their lives for the country.

It is about honoring those men and women who sacrificed for their fellow citizens, who died defending a way of life, and idea, a Constitution….

More than just a name on a wall you’ll never visit, or a plaque you’ll never read. People who sacrificed, who are worthy of our thanks.

And, damnit, they deserve better than to be forgotten so that people can have an extra day off. Step up, take a moment, raise a glass. Say thanks.

You can do more, but you really should at least remember. Never ever forget.

One thought on “More than hot dogs and burgers

  1. I remember almost 50 shipmates that died in ‘training’ and ‘operational’ flights. And three in the Pentagon on 9/11.

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