Read about how YOUR money is being leveraged by 3 Wall Street companies to push the ESG agenda. 

Ut seems to be working….as far as pushing companies to adopt and promote the Trans and ESG agendas.

Of course, it is harming those companies financially, so that seems to be helping the pushback.


Read the article.

Plus this. Apparently there are a LOT of pressures to conform to the agenda of the Progressives.


One thought on “Interesting

  1. like i have said, the ones pushing this crap don’t care about profit, just propaganda. sure, middle management does but their hands are tied and they will take the blame. its all about bombarding us with their message until we absorb it. you can try to ignore it but its still there eating away at a subconscious level. your mind sees it everywhere until it believes it, independent of the conscious mind.

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