Watching the Talking Heads this morning opine on the Trump indictment.


None of them knew what the indictment actually said, so everything was speculation (and hope and glee in they eyes of the Blue side).  Both sides spoke at length, but it meant nothing. Just words.


At the end of it, they, none of them, could say anything substantive. Neither side could do more than speculate.

They just don’t know.

4 thoughts on “Interesting

  1. Y’know, when Obama was running for his first term I said to my wife “That guy says a lot without saying anything at all.” That Trojan Horse gave birth to what you see now…

  2. As usual, much ado about nothing, which is how much EITHER side knows…

  3. The Left has been ‘investigating’ Donald Trump for seven years and haven’t turned up much. Not impartial either – they are / were looking to get him. If they haven’t found anything by now, pretty sure the same result as past.

    Politics – pure and simple.

  4. Odds are we will NEVER know exactly what the indictment contains.
    The judge will almost certainly keep it sealed and impose a gag order
    on Trump and his lawyers. The left does NOT want the truth to be aired.
    They want to make this a political crucifixion….not a trial. As such the DA
    and the judge will keep postponing things till after next years election. The
    ENTIRE PURPOSE of this farce is to keep Trump from running for or winning

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