I’m thinking the media

Is using the story of Ralph Yarl who was shot in  Kansas City, Mo  as a springboard to stir up the black population. The timing is similar to other highlighted incidents in the past, where the ramp-up started about 18 months before the Presidential elections…..and the DNC led media starts showing anyone who is white and Republican (or conservative) as racists….(therefore all Black people MUST vote Democrat)…

Added to the Social Media led Black Power empowerment gatherings, one cannot help but see a pattern.

Now, I have no doubt that the kid was shot….but the media is only telling us his side of the story. His claim is that he mistakenly went to the wrong house to pick up his younger siblings from where they were playing at a friends house….Odd that he couldn’t figure out that he was at the wrong house ….apparently the kids had been there more than once. That the house he approached was Dark, when the home he was supposedly picking the twins up at had people awake in it….

Odd that when the kids didn’t come out, he didn’t use his phone to call them (or the others in the house) to come out, but rather approached a dark house after 10PM…Strange, you’d think he’d have known better. You’d think he’d have used his cell phone to call for his brothers to come out.

Even odder is that apparently the first few people young Ralph encountered after the shooting chose not to help him….This suggests to me that young Ralph didn’t look like the photos that the Media is showing us….I bet he looked like, and was dressed like, a thug.

Remember, we only have young Ralph’s story that he gently knocked on the door and waited…. that he just stood there, waiting. That he was otherwise non-threatening, and was doing nothing else. That the man who shot him did so with no provocation.

There are some holes in the story that we are being told by the Media. Glossed over details that should be addressed. The mother (no father that I have seen in any story) tells us all how her kid has been traumatized in a simple mistake. Yet no one has done anything but cry Racism, and has ignored the oddities about this narrative.

I’m thinking this isn’t as one sided as we are being told….That there is much more than the narrative is telling us.

And, of course, there is the GoFundME page that has garnered over 4 million as of this publication….someone got a payday, like they always do….

But they needed a black kid and a white man to stir up the voting block. Expect more of this sort of provocation…stay away from crowds, Expect things to get worse….the flames fanned by the media.