Damned right.

Good for the kid. Were I his parents I’d not only have made sure he was able to speak, but that sanctions were taken against the people who tossed him out of school for words on a T-shirt.

His point about the pride flags and other propaganda is very telling. Why are some words ok, and others aren’t? Why is one “class” protected and another is not?

If I had children in that school, I would DEMAND that the school board make a statement explaining the actions that were taken that day and either repudiate those actions (and describe the appropriate punishment for the teachers/”adults” that pressured this kid, or define what, exactly, is acceptable and why. Make ’em stand on their words and actions.

My congratulations to this young man and his parents.

2 thoughts on “Fuckin’A

  1. I had kids in school when this crap was just starting to take over. I was in the USCG stationed in the San Francisco Bay Area, where indoctrination in this “queer” sh!t was WAY ahead of the national curve. Demanding that the school board make a statement explaining the actions about ANYTHING was FUTILE. BELIEVE ME. WE TRIED. …And private school was out of the question on a military salary…

    …In my son’s high school, students faced mandatory 2-week suspension for calling another student “gay…” Even if that other student WAS gay… It went downhill from there…

  2. The assclowns n charge don’t give a rats ass about this kid or his beliefs. They are going to destroy him for standing up for his rights. They are LARGE and IN CHARGE. Want them to feel pain for their abuse? Sue them. When this conduct costs them money they will care….and not before then.

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