How did that happen?

So the asshole in Louisville who shot up his workplace was under care for mental issues. No surprise there…

But he was ALSO able to buy a firearm just a week before the shooting.

How is that? Did he pass a NICS check? If so how? Did the mental health folks not report him? Did NICS fail?


Enquiring minds and all that.


5 thoughts on “How did that happen?

  1. Medical confidentiality rules make it difficult and risky for professionals to report mental illness to authorities. Doing so can expose them to legal actions. The potential for abuse…like red flag laws…make it a problematic issue. There is no easy answer to the mass shooter problem. It’s a symptom of a dysfunctional society. Fix society and the problem will go away. Continue the insanity and the violence will continue and expand.

  2. My impression is that the “test” is “Have you ever been involuntarily hospitalized for mental health issues.”

    They don’t want to discourage people from seeking treatment. Being involuntarily committed is strong evidence that the issue is severe and that the individual is NOT dealing with it.

  3. You want me to have to choose between talking to a professional about dealing with the death of my father last November and being able to own guns? Pro tip, have your affairs in order way before you think you need to, and don’t die slowly and painfully from something you didn’t know would eventually kill you 49 years ago when you did it.

    I have not harmed myself or anybody else, or threatened to do so either. I have no intention of harming anyone. I greatly enjoy recreational shooting, it’s something I could share with my dad when he was still here. Now because some asshole who was also depressed and had anxiety did something horrible everybody else who didn’t hurt anybody has to suffer.

    Taking a step back and making this less personal: His behavior around roommate, family, and neighbors gave no indication of violence until day-of. I would bet the mental health people saw nothing along those lines either. Based on that, what is there to report? “Hey I got another early-mid 20s dude who’s depressed and anxious. Third one of them today before lunch.”

  4. I heard the 911 conversation between his mother and the dispatcher. She kept referring to him as a “kid”. “Oh he is a nice kid”. The dude was 25 years old!??!!?!?
    When is society going to let these creeps be grown up. He needed mental health care because his mommy was crazy and made him crazy!!!!

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