So…a question:

If I move my residence to San Francisco….

And if I “Identify as Black”…..

Can I get in on the $5 Million gravy train? Will I get my reparations just like a real black person?

I mean, if I identify as a woman I get to use the woman’s locker room and all….

Why not race as well?


4 thoughts on “So…a question:

  1. Sadly no, they put in a period of years you have to be a resident and have identified as black to qualify.

    In fact, some of the qualifiers are so precise, suspiciously so that I wonder if they’re simply trying to enrich only a very certain subclass of Black people in SFO:

    To qualify, SF residents would have to be 18 or older, have been identifying as black or African American on public documents for at least 10 years and meet two of eight additional criteria.
    These may include having to prove they were born in the city between 1940 and 1996, have lived in San Francisco for at least 13 years, and be someone — or the direct descendant of someone — incarcerated during the war on drugs.

    Nevermind that the City doesn’t actually have the money to do this and its all woke progressive grandstanding, but it’s interesting to see where they’re trying to go with this stuff, especially if they ever get ahold of the US Treasury’s printing press.

    • Don’t worry though, you can still move to CA, “identify” as black, and receive $233K just for breathing while black. That money will just FAAALLL outad’sky…

      Oh; and since I AM going to be a victim of this RIP-OFF and my family WASN’T EVEN IN THE COUNTRY when slavery was being practiced here, I actually CALLED Newsom’s office to ask if there was going to be DNA testing to see if, as I white person, I was a descendent of a slave owner. The sniffling intern said “Read the law.” I told him I did, and that there was nothing in there about this, and was immediately dumped to voice mail. I called back two more times and was immediately shunted to voice mail. I called back from ANOTHER line and got through. The sniffling intern then said “Ahh, Mr. MacGyver! How nice of you to call back on another line to HARASS US!” Once again, I was immediately shunted to voice mail. Somehow, in Newsom’s world, asking a LEGITIMATE QUESTION qualifies as HARASSMENT!

      …You DO NOT want this man in the White House!!!!!

  2. The question I would like answered, “When does it end?”
    Does the next generation get the handout as well?
    And so on and so on……..

    • The other view of “When does it end;” The blacks will get it. Then the indians will want it. Then the Chinese whose ancestors helped build the railroads. Then the Mexicans. Yeah; When does it end?…

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