So are we to believe

That suddenly, just after the Chinese Spy Balloon was so poorly handled that “Suddenly” there are “UFO’s” flying over the United States and Canada? That they were not there before, (or at least the Air Force/Norad) wasn’t aware of them and/or (the story changes often) were unable to do anything about it (but now they are able to somehow, suddenly, shoot them down)?

Something smells here. Something doesn’t make sense. I’m not sure what IS happening, but I don’t think it is what they are telling us.

5 thoughts on “So are we to believe

  1. Something smells, but since EVERYTHING SMELLS over in DC, it’s hard to pin down this particular stink… which is probably the whole object of this game…

  2. i think its a poor attempt to show joe in a good light and distract us from the semi trailer load of secret docs they moved from the anex. 1800 plus boxes of classified docs, plus the fact hunter was selling access to them and joe. i still want to know what went boom over billings. no joe? hard to make speeches when you’re recovering from a load a drugs you needed to make the state of the union address.

  3. “HEY! Look over here. A UFO!” Of course these are distractions. While they were harping about the first one more than a week ago they were releasing a 9/11 coconspirator from Guantanamo. What other nasty things have they been doing that these “incidents” distracted people from noticing?

    • …When the ringmaster says “NOW, in the CENTER RING!…” Keep your eyes on rings one and three…

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