No evidence of a crime, a career criminal

who had been deported several times.

Legal to defend oneself and one’s property in Arizona…

Yet he is being held on a Million dollars bail. For defending himself, his family, and his property. Of course, if we didn’t have porous borders, then this wouldn’t have happened, would it?

I guess the judge is a Liberal.

In a just world, his neighbors would storm the jail and release him.

2 thoughts on “No evidence of a crime, a career criminal

  1. This is lawfare….the use of the legal system as a weapon. The Prosecutor means to send a message to. Americans….that message is to allow the invaders to invade unmolested.. This rancher will almost certainly be found not guilty. But he will have been destroyed none the less. The process is the punishment. And he will end up bankrupt, forced to sell his property, emotionally destroyed. All part of the criminal lefts war against white people who they seek to eradicate and replace with more politically compliant brown people.

  2. interesting the story is in a British paper. I wonder if Arizonans are paying attention.

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