It’s fun watching

The folks who hate Trump and/or defend Biden compare things in the past to the present.

On the one hand, we have the folks (like me) who said that this sort of thing would likely not have happenedĀ  (at least not as far as this one went) when Trump was in charge. Then again, we have the folks who can’t wait to prove that wrong….Even quoting articles such as this one, that tries really really hard to show us that it did happen and that we can’t trust anything Trump says.….but really says….nothing…at least nothing beyond the headline…which has no real basis in fact. No dates, nor examples of incidents, just innuendo and supposition. Not really anything we can trust there. (But that is what “Forbes” has become in the past 8 years)

These incidents may well have happened in the past, but were they so blatant… did they go across the center of the country….or were they just around the edges//at the borders? Were they tests of our national resolve and the the guts of the president, or were they tests of equipment and not a provocation? If, as is claimed that there were other incursions of our border by surveillance balloons…then please, tell us when, and where.

Of course, if you are quoting articles from Forbes such as this, then yer still suffering from TDS….and if you are using that to defend Biden then your defense is made of paper.

2 thoughts on “It’s fun watching

  1. Typical these days, innuendo and accusations substitute for facts… sigh

  2. We’re the mainstream media and we can say definitely that these balloons also flew during the Trump presidency. No – we don’t know where. No – we don’t know when. No – we don’t have photographs of them. BUT – it happened. Take our word for it. We’re the mainstream media and we only speak the truth, you can take it to the bank..

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