So Bobby the Redneck is fishing in the lake using half sticks of dynamite. He lights the fuse, waits, throws the dynamite a few yards away, waits for the explosion, and then. when the stunned fish rise to the surface, he scoops ’em up with his net.

He’s done this three times, and has a fair number of fish, when he sees the game warden waving at him frantically from the shore.

He ignores the guy, who finally gets a boat and motors right up next to Bobby.

“You can’t fish with Dynamite!” He yells to Bobby

“Why not?” asks Bobby

“It’s illegal!” He yells.


Bobby calmly takes another half stick of dynamite, lights it, and throws it to the game warden on the other boat a few feet away…


“You gonna yell at me some more or are we gonna fish?” asks Bobby.

2 thoughts on “Fishing…..

  1. LMAO!
    My Dad used to call sticks of Dynamite “Dupont Spinners”
    It seems he had some experience using them….

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